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A Study of Power Sector in Rajasthan: Constraints and Prospects

Author : Dr. Ruchira Sen

Abstract :

Electricity is a vital input for industries for production. The working mills and factories are impossible without electricity. If there is electric failure, machines stop and due to this production suffers much and the resultant loss is heavy. Electricity has helped in bringing about revolutionary changes and progress in the field of medical sciences. Most of medical surgery is successfully made by the aid of electricity. It has been playing a vital role in the field of transport and communication. Among the numerous discoveries and inventions, electricity holds the most significant place in the modern world. Having occupied a vital factor in the production and consumption of each and every activity the generation and distribution of electric power is not even in all the states in India. Rajasthan has to depend upon its central sector projects for its electricity power needs. Apart from the uncertainty of the quantum of power to be received it also results in transmission loss. Though the Electricity board of Rajasthan is a major organization in receiving and pooling the electricity both from inside and outside state sources, the Corporation is the sole authority worthy which is in charge of distributing the power to the various sectors.

Keywords :

Electricity board, Rajasthan