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Refund Policy

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Refund Policy

You may only receive a refund for a manuscript you submitted to IJRAW if you cancel during the refund timeframe stated below in this policy.

What period is there for getting a refund? Refunds are processed within 7 business days.

How can I get refund? All refunds will be processed using the information you provide us on email.

When no amount will be refunded?

  1. When publication is considered on fast track basis and
  2. When refund request is received after publication.

Refund before Publication

Manuscript is accepted for publication and the payment is done for the same, now would like to stop publication at this time. What will the refunding process entail?
If Author(s) cancel the publication and want refund of the same can follow the below procedure. Author(s) willing to cancel the publication are requested to kindly drop a mail regarding Cancellation of Publication at journal editorial email address. Editorial Board will response accordingly.
(*Refund request will only be accepted if Publication is under process between the date of acceptance and publication duration stated)

Note: Wrongly deposit money or extra deposit money will be return back within 03 business weeks if respective candidate inform us within 02 business days after the date of money deposit or transaction.

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