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Publication Certificate

We provide the soft copy of digitally signed Publication Certificate to all authors within 7 to 10 days of publication for all published manuscripts. It is free of cost by IJRAW. We also provide the hard copy of Publication Certificate along with Complete Issue and journal Cover Page on demand to all authors for their publication & extra nominal charges will be applicable for demanding the hard copy.
For demanding the hard copy please contact us +91-9289291589 or send a request mail to editor.academicworld@gmail.com with postal details of corresponding author.


1. Do you print or Send Hard copy of Journal and Certificate for Authors?

Yes, we do send Print of Certificate (s) along with Print of Article & Journal Cover Page per request, Additional Charges apply, to Order Hard Copy please contact +91-9289291589 or send request at editor.academicworld@gmail.com

2. When do I receive my Digitally Signed Publication Certificate.?

Publication Certificate will be provided on the same day of publication (within 7 to 10 days from the day of acceptance & fee confirmation) of all authors for all published manuscripts. The soft copy of publication certificate will be sent to the corresponding author’s registered Email address.

3. Are there any hidden charges for Soft Copy of Publication Certificate?

No. It's absolutely free for all audience of IJRAW.

4. Do you provide separate Publication Certificate for individual authors?

Yes, we can provide individual publication certificates to all authors of a single manuscript.