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Instruction to Authors

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  1. Submit manuscript in “MS WORD” file
  2. After succesful submission author will receive an E-mail regarding the decision on the manuscript
  3. After the acceptance of the article make the payment for publication process to the advised payment options
  4. Submit final version of manuscript (Revised If Any) and attach copyright form with the payment receipt
  5. After the publication corresponding author will receive an E-mail
  6. Publication Certificate will be provided after the publication of manuscript

NOTE: We Publish Manuscript in All Languages

Presentation of Manuscript: The article must be original and should be prepared using “MS WORD”

Matter of the manuscript should be typed double spaced with margins of one inch (2.5cm) at the top, bottom and side, all pages numbered starting from the tittle page

Font should be used

For English (Times New Roman), for Hindi & Sanskrit (Krutidev 01, Mangal or Unicode), for Punjabi (Gurmukhi or ASEES or Unicode), for Bengali (STM-BNT Jun or Unicode), for more information, kindly feel free to contact us.

Font size must be 14 of main heading and 12 of sub-Heading but bold

NOTE: Scientific words should be italic

Format of the manuscript should be prepared as per the instructions/sections given below

  1. Title
  2. Abstract & Keywords
  3. Introduction
  4. Materials & Methods
  5. Results & Discussions
  6. Conclusion
  7. Acknowledgement (If Any)
  8. References

First Page

Title Page: The title page should include

  • Title of the manuscript which should be bold and typed in font size of 14 and containing the characters not more than 25 words
  • All authors name (Maximum six authors) and their affiliation should be mentioned (Ex: Department, University, District, State and Country name) in normal face
  • In case of same Department/Institution is involved authors name should be linked to relevant Department/Institution by placing consecutive numbers in superscript after relevant name of authors
  • An asterisk (*) must be placed as superscript after the corresponding author’s name and E-mail, Fax, Phone number of corresponding author should be provided

Next Page

Abstract: This section must be concise about research problems & objectives, methodology, results & discussions and conclusion. It should be typed in single space between 200-300 words for full Article. Avoid abbreviations, Images, Tables, Diagrams, and Citations in abstract.

Keywords: Minimum 3 and maximum 10 keywords must be given at the bottom of the abstract

Introduction: In this section author(‘s) should mention the background and purpose of the study. Please include the citations in respect with previously work conducted in the field. Mention the research gap and objectives of the work broadly. Point out scope and limitations of the study

Materials and Methods: In this section must explain the materials and other experimental sources used in the research. Detail the step-by-step procedure in order to reproduce the same results by other researchers (Mandatory for Research Papers)

Result and Discussion: Results and discussions may be separate or combined according to the author’s requirement.

In the results concisely present the number of observations and the statistical significance of the findings appropriately.

In the discussions include the implications of the findings and their limitations. A comparison between interpreted results and the result from previous works should be given.

Tables: Tables should be provided in the text form not as an image.

Figures & Graphs: The pictures of Figures and Graphs must be clear and visible.

((A brief description and number of orders of the Tables, Diagrams, Figures and Graphs must be given.))

Conclusion: This section should contain a brief summary of key findings of the study. This should include the novelty and implementation of the work.

Acknowledgement (If Any): A brief acknowledgement can be kept before the references section in the manuscript if any.

References: References should be cited in numerical order according to their order of appearance in the manuscript. The numbered references citation within text should be enclosed in superscript. The references number should follow the following format.

For Journal Format: Author(s) of article (surname initials), Title of the manuscript, Journal abbreviated title, Year of publication; Volume number(Issue number):Page number.

Standard Journal Article: Standard (If more than six authors , the first six shall be listed followed by et al.)

Pahwa R, Pal S, Saroha K, Waliyan P, Kumar M, Manish K et al. unique vesicular carriers for effective transdermal delivery. J Appl Pharm Sci, 2021: 11(05):1-8

For Books and other Monographs Format: Author XX, Author YY, Author ZZ. Title of Book ed, Vol, Publisher, City, Year, Page number.

For Patent References: Blendell JE, Bowen K and Cable L. Toy building set. U.S. Patent 3597875:1971

For Website References: Activities to promote learning and communication in the second language classroom. 14 Sep 2007.


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