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A Study of Customers Awareness for Green Marketing (With Special Reference to Southern Rajasthan)

Author : Dr. Sakshi Chouhan and Vandana Meghwal

Abstract :

Today the whole world is facing number of severe problems like air pollution, plastic in oceans, global warming, species extinction and various other issues which are getting worsening with time, bringing us into the true environmental crises. This all is happening because of human activities which are increasing garbage on land and in oceans. This paper aims at highlighting the importance of green marketing. In simple words, Green Marketing is manufacturing and selling the product or service without damaging the environment. Green Marketing does not only aims at selling the product with green sign or label or which can be recycled but it includes production with no environmental damages, product with eco-friendly packaging, product that are reusable, recycled, biodegradable product where environmental danger chemicals are not used while production. People have now become very much conscious regarding protecting the environment. They have realized the importance of Sustainable Development. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of companies to protect nature while producing goods and services. This behaviour results in achieving organizational objectives and fulfilling customer’s needs and expectations. This paper will be discussing at Green Marketing concept and consumer awareness towards Green Marketing. Primary source was used to collect information.

Keywords :

Marketing, green marketing, friendly e product, consumer awareness