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A Study of Causes of Conflict and Conflict Management

Author : Dr. Sakshi Chouhan, Vandana Meghwal and Ruchika Sharma

Abstract :

Conflict occurs when there is difference in views, ideology and perception of two different persons or groups. Conflict exists in every environment where people interact with each other whether it is home, office or any other place. Conflict emerges due to social disagreement, personal interests, and is a fight between two individuals, groups, or organizations resulting in stress and tensions among people. Conflict can be viewed negatively or positively. Every organization at some point of time has to deal with the conflict. Conflict is unavoidable. But to have better work environment it is too much necessary to manage conflict on time. Therefore effective conflict resolution must be there, so that the conflict does not result in personal dislikes in the organization, team break ups, and wastage of talent due to lack of commitment in the work resulting in increasing the inefficiency and ineffectiveness within the organization.
This paper aims at knowing the concept of conflict, conflict management and also finding various causes of conflicts in the organization. The study is descriptive in nature and the sample consists of 150 employees working in different organizations. Data has been collected through questionnaire containing both open and close ended questions. Further suggestions were given to manage conflict in the organization.
According to Lawrence Polsky & Antoine Gersche, “When one has the right words and phrases at their command, they can quickly resolve any disagreement-and prevent it from spreading into an uncontrollable fire”.

Keywords :

Conflict, conflict management, organizations performance and values & beliefs