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Unveiling a Traditional Dimension of Entrepreneurship to a New Horizon

Author : Dr. Manoj Kumar Das

Abstract :

To develop a nursery is one of the vital as well as commercial ventures in horticulture sector. It became a basic need of horticulture because a healthy seedling or sapling can only give a healthy plants and fruits. Assam has unique agro-climatic conditions which permit growing of different varieties of horticultural crops. In Assam, total area under horticulture crops in 2021 reached an all-time high of 334.500 ha th. In the present post-COVID era, nursery industry has experienced a steady increase in wholesale and retail sales. Considering the ever increasing demand for horticulture and different types of plants, there is a great prospect for the entrepreneurship development in horticulture nursery business. Since it creates green quantitative and qualitative outputs as well as extensive employment opportunities, it provides an ample scope for the entrepreneurs to start up with. Hence, the present study aims to capture the profile of the horticulture nurseries of Jagiroad, Morigaon district, Assam, along with their associated prospects and problems.

Keywords :

Horticulture nursery, entrepreneurship, Covid, indoor plants