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Obstacles and Prospects in Digital Learning

Author : Dr. Arpita Kackar

Abstract :

The rapid expansion of online education has brought forth both challenges and opportunities in the realm of modern pedagogy. This research paper examines the multifaceted landscape of online education, elucidating key challenges such as ensuring academic integrity, addressing disparities in access to technology and resources, and providing ongoing professional development for educators. Additionally, it explores opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and improvement in online learning experiences. By leveraging emerging technologies, fostering a culture of academic integrity, and advocating for supportive policies, the potential for enhancing the quality and accessibility of online education is substantial. Through an in-depth analysis of current trends, best practices, and emerging research in the field, this paper aims to provide insights and recommendations for stakeholders in education, including policymakers, educators, and technology developers, to navigate the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities presented by online education.

Keywords :

Online education, challenges, opportunities