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Examining the Role of Technology in Expediting Judicial Processes: Insights from India's Judicial Reforms

Author : Sunil Kachhawaha

Abstract :

Even the legal profession is not immune to the pervasive influence of technology and innovation in today's dynamic and unpredictable environment. The fast transformation of the legal environment into the 21st century is undeniable. The myth that lawyers spend all day reading through stacks of paperwork is a thing of the past. New forms of legal technology are changing the game for lawyers. The Indian legal system relies heavily on legal technology, sometimes referred to as tech law or just tech. It includes a wide range of technologies that may be used to enhance the efficacy, accessibility, and efficiency of legal services, including AI, ML, automation, VR, AR, and data analytics. When people talk about access to justice, they're referring to both the efficiency of the court system and the quality of conflict resolution in general. The time, money, and effort required to access justice is disproportionately high, and the process is riddled with mysterious terminology and convoluted procedures. Factors of promoting legal health, preventing disputes, and resolving existing ones all contribute to expanding access to justice. Recognising a legal problem and then choosing the right service to handle it are two separate but related processes. The people who aren't attorneys yet need to hear that there's an issue that needs legal attention so that they may take action. It is imperative that technological advancements in the judicial system and societal engagement in the administration of justice expand access to justice. Services, including choosing the right service for the case, are crucial since they dictate how well the court system works. This paper takes a close look at how many players in the judicial system are working together to make sure that people can utilise technology to receive the justice they need.

Keywords :

Access to justice, technology and law, advanced tools, judicial process and justice system