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Digital Psychological Care: A Patient Centric Discussion

Author : Dr. Urmita Chakraborty

Abstract :

In recent time psychological consultations through online or hybrid (virtual) medium are increasing substantially. Corporate life, unavailability of practitioners during the time of urgency and need for weekend consultations are a few of the many causes. The present study aims at knowing the demographic, psychological and social factors present in the individuals who are coming for virtual consultation services. The current study shall also see the mental set making this part of the population comfortable in online sessions. Important methodological considerations include conducting proper case history phase, MSE, Screening assessment and providing therapeutic tasks in between sessions (primary and review). Periodic review dates have been given. Company based app message inbox and separate emailing facilities were utilized for sending test materials and therapy resources as soft copy. A mixed approach of qualitative and quantitative will be taken into consideration. In brief 30 patients out of 619 cases dealt on virtual mode will be considered. Their overall symptom presentation and subsequent therapy plans will be emphasized in this study. Major portion of the patient pool continued virtual consultations and didn’t come for in person mode during the study span. An exploratory study approach along action research design will be focused for arriving at a conclusion. Purposive sampling technique has been followed. To conclude the study an understanding upon benefits of using such medium will be shown.

Keywords :

Digital psychological consultation, MSE, profile analysis