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Human Resource Management in Improving the Quality of Institutions in MI Muslimat Nahdlatul Ulama Pucang Sidoarjo, Indonesia

Author : Yuliastutik, Achmad Patoni, Asrop Syafi'i and Samuel Karim

Abstract :

This research aims to explore the role of human resources in improving the quality of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) Muslimat Nahdlatul Ulama Pucang Sidoarjo. The research questions involve human resource planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and follow-up. The research method used is qualitative with data collection techniques through participant observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation, as well as individual site and cross-site data analysis. Human resource planning involves needs analysis, recruitment, and selection of educators according to program and competency requirements. Task allocation is adjusted according to abilities for maximum results. Implementation of human resources includes performance following SOP, development of education personnel, and the application of standard procedures. Monitoring and evaluation are conducted periodically, empowering staff to monitor performance. Follow-up involves continuous development and training, support for further studies, and knowledge dissemination among educators. From this research, it can be concluded that human resource planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and follow-up are key steps in improving the quality of educational institutions. This approach can serve as a reference for similar institutions to optimize human resource potential and achieve desired educational goals.

Keywords :

Human resources planning, quality improvement, educational institutions