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Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Vitimelin Tablet and Vitimelin Oil in Vitiligo with Special Reference to Shwitra

Author : Dr. Rakesh Kumar Nagar, Dr. Gopal Krishan Dhakar, Dr. Raj Kumar and Dr. Simmi Rani

Abstract :

Introduction: Vitiligo is one of the skin diseases that causes cosmetic problems. Childhood vitiligo differs from adult vitiligo in many ways. Even if the treatment of the disease is the main goal for a dermatologist, a better understanding of vitiligo may be helpful for better management of the patient.
Aim: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of Vitimelin tablets and Vitimelin oil in patients with Vitiligo/Shwitra.
Material and methods: Thirty clinically diagnosed Shwitra (vitiligo) patients were chosen for the proposed clinical study. All patients have been given one Vitimelin tablet three times a day and Vitimelin oil for local application. After 10 minutes of application, a sunlight/UVA lamp was exposed to the affected area for 20 minutes.
Result: After 3 months of treatment, the number of black spots increased by 28.13%, the colour of the patches was obtained with 29.82% relief, and the size of the observed patches decreased by 29.03%.
Discussion: It can be concluded that the trial treatment stimulates the formation of melanin pigment at the level of the skin and melanocytic cells. The formation of blackish spots also indicates the deposition of melanin pigment generated by melanocyte cells during skin production, which has been regulated by melanocyte-secreting hormones of the pituitary and pineal glands. These results indicate that the hormonal impacts of the trial drug may contribute to the correction of pathology.

Keywords :

Shwitra, vitiligo, vitimelin tablet, Shwitra