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Branches of Indian Education

Author : Dr. Kapil Verma

Abstract :

This research article seeks to provide an in-depth exploration and analysis of the disciplines of Indian knowledge, including varied fields such as philosophy, science, medicine, literature, and spirituality. The purpose of this study is to shed light on the historical growth, interconnection, and long-term importance of diverse fields of Indian knowledge, as well as their contributions to global intellectual heritage. By digging into the rich tapestry of Indian knowledge, this article hopes to provide a more nuanced perspective of India's intellectual traditions and their modern relevance. Conclusion Recapitulation of Bharatiya Knowledge Branches, Understanding Ancient Indian Knowledge's socio-cultural Importance, The continued relevance and prospective applications of Bharatiya knowledge in modern times. This research article examines the various fields of Bharatiya knowledge, emphasizing their connection and socio-cultural relevance. The study examines Vedanta, Yoga, Ayurveda, Architecture, Astronomy, Linguistics, and Mathematics, providing insight into the holistic and complete character of Indian knowledge systems. It highlights the necessity of understanding and appreciating the various aspects of Bharatiya knowledge, as well as its possible applications in the modern world. This study expands our grasp of Indian knowledge and promotes applying old wisdom to current living.

Keywords :

Indian knowledge, philosophy, science, spirituality, literature, history, interdisciplinary studies, intellectual heritage