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Beetle Goat Ideal for Entrepreneurship

Author : Dr. Shaikh IM

Abstract :

Out of all the different species of goat meant for different purposes i.e. meat/mutton, milk, manure, fur/wool and number of kids per breeding time. Osmanabadi, Sanen, Boar, Sangamneri, Shirohi, Barberi, Berari, Surti etc. the best breed i.e. ideal for entrepreneurship is Beetle. Beetle surpasses all other breeds in the yield of milk, meat/mutton, manure and other goat breeds. Goats can be economically beneficial with religious perspective also. As goats can fetch good price when they are sold for religious sacrifices as practiced in different religions i.e. Hindu and Islam. In Hinduism almost all castes offer goat as a sacrifices to satisfy and appease various goads and deities. Not only non-vegetarians but vegetarians also offer goat to fulfil their desires by the Almighty in their respective religions. Goats can be butchered or left alive to God. So rearing goats and selling for religious sacrifices of different regions can enhance your economic standard and abolish poverty.
Growing population and shrinking of jobs result in unemployment. As the proverb goes, “Empty mind is a devil’s workshop.” The empty minds instigate the empty hands for destructive social activities and spoil social health harmony. As the current fiscal scenario mirrors up that after 1990 with the initiation of privatization, liberalization and globalization, the world having become a global village have flung the doors of various opportunities wide open to all. To lessen the evils of these three initiatives the government has undertaken certain welfare measures. The economic initiatives like creation of employment various start-ups, make in India are meant to create jobs for the unemployed and thereby making sustainable growth for the economic independence and making the country self-reliant and a growing superpower in the world. One such employment generating entrepreneurship for the unemployed educated youths and thereby abolishing the unemployment in the country is, “Rearing of Beetle Goats.

Keywords :

Beetle, Entrepreneurship, Idol/Ideal, Employment