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A Comparative Study of Examination Anxiety among Sports Students and Non-Sports Students

Author : Dr. Madhav D Shejul and Dr. Ganesh P Vaykos

Abstract :

Sports activities consist of physical and psychological aspects of an individual. High or low level of examination anxiety is related to the poor performance of students. Because of various reasons such as lack of preparation, style of their study and lack of needed information College students experience high examination anxiety. Examination anxiety before and during examinations ultimately affects their sport performance and academic achievement also. The present study was conducted to know the examinations anxiety experienced by college sports student and non-sports students. A total final sample of 100 college students was selected. Out of those 100 students, 50 students were sports players and 50 students were students who were not involved in sports. Apart from that total sample consists of 50 male and 50 female students. Data were collected from the Colleges Parbhani of districts. Student’s Examination Anxiety Test developed by Dr. Agrawal and Kaushal was used to test the examination anxiety of students. For statistical analysis Mean, SD and “t” test were used. Result of present study shows that non-sports students have more examination anxiety than sports students. This study also shows gender difference among sports students and non-sports students on the level of examination anxiety.

Keywords :

Examination anxiety, sports student, non-sports student