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VOL.: 2 ISSUE.: 8(August 2023)

In-Space-Authorization of Private Space Activities in India

Author(s): Vishwas Puttaswamy and Dr. Ramesh


This research paper explores the authorization of private space activities in India and the role of IN-SPACe and the Outer Space Treaty in regulating these activities. It examines the Draft Space Activities Bill, 2017 and the Indian Space Policy 2023, highlighting the potential for the private sector to contribute to India's space industry. The paper also discusses the challenges faced by private space agencies in the context of globalization and the legal loopholes that exist in the authorization process.
The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is actively engaged in operational research using remote sensing and GIS, guided by the remote sensing data policy 2001 and geospatial policy 2022. The Indian Space Policy 2023 aims to promote research and development in space technology for socio-economic and environmental development, while also providing opportunities for private space organizations to contribute to India's progress. IN-SPACE plays a crucial role in authorizing and prioritizing space-related activities by commercial and non-governmental organizations.
The paper also discusses the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 and its implications for private space agencies. It highlights that the authorization of private space agencies is not limited to India but is also occurring in other space-faring countries such as China, Russia, Japan, Canada, and the USA.
The research methodology employed in this paper involves a descriptive analysis of secondary sources. The results and discussion section focuses on justifying the research objectives, highlighting the need for better implementation of the outer space treaty and the management of emerging challenges in space activities.
The paper concludes by emphasizing the need for policy-based research and the re-evaluation of the Outer Space Treaty 1967 in the context of the privatization of space activities. It recommends the development of comprehensive space policies in India to enhance private space agencies and compete with global players. The paper also suggests conducting research on the determinants and consequences of emerging issues in space activities and the interconnection between state-sponsored and non-governmental space agencies. Additionally, it highlights the importance of considering environmental concerns in the authorization of space activities.

Keywords: In-space, outer space, outer space treaty 1967, privatization, authorization

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