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VOL.: 2 ISSUE.: 8(August 2023)

An Incisive Study: Malenadu’s Trials, Tribulations, and Ingenious Triumphs in Sringeri

Author(s): B Ashalatha


The malnad in the Western Ghats are known as rainforests due to the heavy rainfall in monsoon season. Chikkamagaluru is a hilly district with a calm environment without the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a very beautiful district with dense forest, diverse birdlife, beautiful waterfalls, rivulets, sanctuary, mountain ranges, temples, historical areas and famous as coffee land. One of the seven taluks of this district, Sringeri is a world-famous place historically and religiously. Majority of the population rely on agriculture especiallty on arecanut for their livelihood. The main crops are arecanut, coffee and some spices. Recently, due to the diseases affecting these crops and also due to natural disasters, the life of the farmers become miserable. Along with this, the farmer is worried about the Kasthuri Rangan Report, Naxal movement, Kudremukh National Park, Tiger Yojana, market price fluctuations of arecanut etc. The frequent rumours of Gutka ban and the news of nut import are making the farmers worried. In the background of many problems related to agriculture in recent times, there is a need to throw light on them and to find a solution. This study delves into the challenges and triumphs of the Malenadu region, specifically focusing on Sringeri taluk in Chikkamagaluru district. By analyzing historical context, socio-economic drivers, and indigenous dynamics, the study seeks to offer solutions. The potential lies in diversified cropping, innovative nut utilization, stabilizing market prices, and sustainable tourism. Through these initiatives, the region's resilience can shine amidst trials, weaving a harmonious tapestry of prosperity and environmental stewardship.

Keywords: Malenadu, tribulations, naxal movement, environmental stewardship

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