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VOL.: 2 ISSUE.: 8(August 2023)

Analytical Study of Paradigm Shift in New Education Policy (NEP)-2020

Author(s): Dr. Dhiraj Yadav


As we know that Education has the power to change the destiny of a person, or a society and a Nation. It is helpful to break the shackles of slavery, facilitating justice to talent. Our government has introduced New Education Policy (2020) on 29th July, 2020 for transformation of our education system marching ahead towards 21st century. The topic under study is related to 7 Paradigms shifts from National policy on Education 1986 to National Education Policy NEP 2020. The literal meaning of paradigm is related to a pattern or a framework on a particular topic or a point of view propounded by a person or an organisation. An American educationist Thomas Kuhn devised the concept of paradigm shift first time in domain of education. The teacher is no more a soldier or a driver of education but on the contrary, child is the centre of learning processes and progress of holistic development of educational pedagogy. The very first paradigm shift invariably relates to the team of distinguished scholars headed by K. Kasturirangan one scientist who persistently focus is entire attention on the radical change in the system of education learning and understanding of conceptual framework of the child education and its growth different from the previously framed policy on education. It is a thorough research based inherently embedded the value of mother tongue and people centric ambience of a child education growth. The aspirational initiative on the part of the policy framework drafters involved in many acronyms such as NIPUN BHARAT followed by NISHTHAWAN BHARAT via SWAYAM PRABHA SYSTEM OF TV CHANNELS as SAFAL is structural scaffolding followed by PARAKH principles by including the United Nations initiative regarding SDG-4 as a quality trust area required for a nation which is touching the horizon of modernity with classical thought of age old Vishva Guru concept propounded by the sages and saints of this country. The blending of local with global initiative in the field of education as to invite global universities for the multidimensional growth of Indian education system with a touch of scientific initiatives and quality education at global level. These are the strategical 7 stages of paradigm shift as Undertaker in this article of research on new education policy 2020.

Keywords: Paradigm shift, child centric, international universities, mother tongue, quality education

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