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VOL.: 1 ISSUE.: 4(DEC 2021)

An Analysis of Village Economy since the 1950s

Author(s): Anju Gupta


India is mostly a rural nation, with about two thirds of the population living in villages. Over the past twenty years, India's rural economy has seen a significant social and economic upheaval. As a result, the current study is a compilation of several studies that have been published in several esteemed publications throughout the past few decades. The planning commission also put top priority to village studies, which assisted in rural rebuilding, as a means of resolving socioeconomic issues in rural India. Therefore, the primary goal of the current inquiry is to conduct a review of the literature and to identify the facilities, developments, and major issues that arise when policies for the welfare of rural people are implemented. The entire investigation is supported by secondary sources drawn from a variety of publications and other online sources. The results of various pertinent research are deemed significant for achieving predetermined objectives, and a review of rural regions aids in village area reconstruction and provides the basis for the evaluation. The results of the evidence that is currently available indicate that India's rural economy is experiencing a noticeable improvement over the periods in terms of education level, healthcare facilities, safe drinking water, women's empowerment, occupation diversification, rural-urban migration, and other social and physical infrastructure, etc.

Keywords: Facilities, rural homes, employment, migration, and women's empowerment are all related to rural dev

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